I live with Parkinson's

We understand that the announcement
of the diagnosis is a difficult ordeal.

Remember that during your life, you have faced other obstacles and that you have overcome them thanks to your inner resources or thanks to the help of loved ones. You can once again mobilize these resources to live well with Parkinson’s disease.

You can find the spark of motivation within you that will enable you to make changes in your lifestyle and in your approach to activities.

I live with Parkinson's

You can maintain a good quality of life by adopting a positive attitude towards change combined with a determination to overcome obstacles and focusing on what you can do now.

Our services

Parkinson Estrie offers several services

For your physical and psychological well-being



On the way with TANDEM! A pair up program between :

2 people living with Parkinson’s disease

2 caregivers

1 person who is living with Parkinson’s disease and 1 caregiver

The goal is to share the lived experience, to enrich yourself with new ideas and new resources in order to find your balance to go further.

For information

Free and confidential services

Support group for people with Parkinson's disease

Meetings between people with Parkinson's disease. You will be welcomed, listened to and accompanied without judgment by a professional of our team. You will be able to share your experience and discuss  themes reflecting your daily life. 

Individual psychosocial support service

Meetings where you will be welcomed, listened to and accompanied without judgment in your journey. You will be able to share your experience and your concerns in complete confidence with a professional from our team.

Recent diagnosis appointment

Personalized meeting for people diagnosed and their loved ones. Information on the services and resources available to help you better integrate this new reality into your life. You will be able to ask your questions and share your concerns.

Social activities

The purpose of these activities is to allow people to get together in a fun, relaxed context in order to encourage exchanges and share pleasant moments with new people.

Physical activities

Each week, we organize various physical activities adapted for people living with Parkinson's. Discover all of our sports activities.

Our activities


This friendly activity helps maintain and improve vocal ability, improve breathing and facial expressions. You don't have to be a good singer to participate.

Free Services


Come and attend our monthly conferences on various topics related to Parkinson's disease. Free and open to all.

Document and book loans

Find out about the availability and variety of the documentation offered.

Electronic Tablets

Parkinson Estrie, connected and by your side! With the support of a member of our team, borrow an electronic tablet to communicate with your loved ones, consult documentation on Parkinson's disease, attend online conferences and perform physical and cognitive activities online.

Défi Parkinson Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter allows you to receive information on the services offered by the organization and on various topics dealing with Parkinson's disease.

Discovery kits

Kits containing documentation on Parkinson's disease, guides to physical and cognitive activities and daily living aids (adapted utensils, button threaders, etc.) are available on loan to people living with Parkinson's disease. To try it is to adopt it!

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Testimonials (french only)

They were also diagnosed...

… around 40, some younger, some older. They have to deal with sudden energy losses, the mourning of certain recreational activities.
Despite this, they accept this intrusive roommate that is Parkinson's.