A quality of life beyond the diagnosis

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease that progressively affects the ability to produce movements.

Although there is no cure for this disease yet, there are several treatments available to alleviate its symptoms and therefore improve the quality of life of people living with the disease.


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They were also diagnosed...

… around 40, some younger, some older. They have to deal with sudden energy losses, the mourning of certain recreational activities.
Despite this, they accept this intrusive roommate that is Parkinson's.

Have you recently been diagnosed with or have been
living with Parkinson's disease for several years?

We invite you to consult the Parkinson Québec website to learn more about Parkinson’s disease, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and also to find out how to act and live with this disease.

Parkinson Québec

Parkinson Estrie also offers valuable resources for those diagnosed. Discover all of our services.

I live with Parkinson's

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What is Parkinson's disease?

Learn about this neurodegenerative disease, how it develops, its symptoms, and the many ways to control these symptoms to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease.